Change Your Energy, Change Your Life!

The Jumping Timelines Energy Virtual Workshop

February 24th at 11am EST / 8am PST

What you can expect from the Jumping Timelines Energy Workshop

In this 60-minute workshop, Quantum Connie is going to give you specific exercises to raise your frequency and show you how to attain different energetic states that will allow you to change your energy.

This is comprised of a 7-step system that allows jumping timelines to be seamless. When you raise your frequency you are primed to jump timelines so the goal of the workshop is to get you into a higher energy state. In the workshop, I will be going over 2 out of the 7 energy states to jump a timeline.

"My entire life was transformed by what Connie teaches. I am finally at peace, and inspired to be my true self... which at one time was impossible for me to think I could achieve. This energy work, truly works. If you are seeking for answers... this is it. "


Are you ready to change your energy?

And jump timelines?

In order to jump timelines you must change your energy... This is not an intellectual process but an energetic one.

Where you go from living one life with a certain set of results to where you 'jump' to a new version of you where you have greater results.

A way to conceptualize would be 'When you change personal energy, your personality changes', and as a byproduct so do all your results.

Triple income? Yep -- it happened to my client Mark who went through this program.

Finding and marrying your soulmate? Yep... that's exactly what happened to my client Mariam.

Your new timeline is waiting for you... You just need the tools and practices it will take to MAKE THE JUMP!

"Connie's teaching style allows very complex things to become simple. Her approach is both energetic, but also very practical. The systematic approach allowed me to get the results I was searching for... and MORE. I never expected my life to be this transformed. "


Meet your Quantum Coach

Quantum Connie

In 1994 my life took a major turn... I died.

What brought me back to life was an Angel... I know that may sound crazy to some of you, but it won't if you stick around here for a while...

Although I nearly died, when I came back I was birthed into a world that was very different from what I left... I now knew for a fact that there was more to this 3D world than we had been taught.

So I went on a quest searching for answers and ended up finding ancient teachings from the far east by studying with energy masters... Although these teachings were great sometimes they were a bit hard for the average person to grasp.

So I knew I had to simplify what this ancient text and practices were saying with modern-day language... and science.

So that's exactly what I did. I put everything I learned into a simple framework made up of 7 energetic states that will allow you to jump timelines and change your energy.

Fast forward and now I have helped thousands of souls evolve their energy and I have been an Energy Practitioner for nearly 30 years.

Are you ready to evolve?

Everything is Energy

If you haven't been at the top of your game and would like to have some tools to feel better physically, sharper mentally, and more balanced emotionally, we have them! We are glad you're here, and we can't wait to share our energy techniques for you to unleash the power of your own energy!

Quantum Energy Infusion is an educational platform specializing in instructing energy participants on practical techniques that clear, strengthen, and organize their energy. When the energy systems are optimized, the body feels better, the brain works more efficiently, and emotions process much faster.

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